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The Vault

The Vault

Includes Delivery and Set Up

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Setup Area: 4'w x 8'l x 7' h

Actual Size: 3'w x2' l x3'h

Monitors: 1 recommend (not included)

Outlets: 1- 20 amp (110 volt) 3 prong circuit

Age Group: Youth through Adult


The Vault


Beat the timer and crack the vault. As the white light travels around the LED circle try to stop it in the "Red,Zone". Stop the light in the Red Zones 5 times within the 30 second timer you win!  If not, the siren will sound and you have "failed the mission". The zone gets smaller and the white light travels faster and faster and the game progresses. 4 different difficulty levels. This game is a great attraction and can be used for friendly competition (who can crack the vault in the best time, who can beat the hardest level, etc). It can also be used to win prizes/give aways at different levels. 


Features Include:

  The Vault game

  4 ft table for base

  In person instruction on how to play

  Cleaned and Sanitized 

  Free Local Delivery (Minimum order requirements to some areas may apply)

  Our service includes delivery, set up, anchoring, safety and troubleshooting training, pick up, tear down and hauling


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