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Bounce Back - Speed Reaction Game

Bounce Back

Includes Delivery and Set Up

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Setup Area: 4'w x 8' l

Actual Size: 2'W x 4'L

Monitors: 1 recommend (not included)

Outlets: 1

Age Group: Youth through Adult


Bounce Back is a fast paced reaction time game similar to the old Atari game pong. The difference with this intense head to head reaction time game is lights are traveling towards your "hit zone" at different paces on 5 different rows. The object is to "bounce" the light back to your opponent before the light reaches your. "hit zone". However, be careful! If you send the light back too quickly, you loose health points for that row. Loose all your health points and you opponent wins the row. Player with the most rows wins. This game has 4 different difficulty. Looking for a challenging game that will get your heart  racing? Give Bounce Back a try!


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